Eww This Pets St..


WTF Chippendale


Eww This Pets St..
Core: Magic


WTF Chippendale
Core: Physical

As a series of rhymes
Let me tell you a story of two superheroes,
Fighting to show their worth and their true heroes.
One draws magic power, the other is physical,
Both are not the strongest, but they are formidable.

Eww This Pets Sticky, a member of Super League III,
Draws power from magic, a source everyone can see.
WTF Chippendale is known to be lucky in every way,
Drawing power from physical sources, he's always ready to play.

They've both fought many battles with their skills above par,
But they've never fought each other before, from afar.
One day, their paths crossed, and they were thrown into battle,
Their motives so different, it was clear, no one wanted to settle.

Eww This Pets Sticky, a sticky pet no less,
Found her opponent was tough, she needed to bring her best.
She attacked with her magic source quickly and fiercely,
Causing damage threefold and didn't stop, she acted quite clearly.

WTF Chippendale fought hard and kept landing his blows,
Trying to overpower Eww, his physical strength still glows.
But Eww, acting promptly, has tricks up her sleeve,
She resists physical attacks with ease, and doesn't feel naive.

It was a long battle, and both showed great prowess,
But Eww proved herself, and emerged victorious for sureness.
From that day until the end of time,
She was known to be the stronger, the battle was not a crime.