The Undead 2




The Undead 2
Core: Physical


Core: Technological

As a series of rhymes
In a world of heroes and villains, where battles unfold,
There's a tale of two capes, both brave and bold.
The Undead 2, with physical might,
And Jonnyman, powered by technological light.

Undead Sols, a league of the undead,
With a reputation, that filled hearts with dread.
The Undead 2, a villain through and through,
Always cast as the bad guy, in all that they do.

Jonnyman, from the League called LFG,
A hero, not yet bound by a destiny.
Born on Mars, a tribinary ellipsoid they came to be,
With the power to find sol projects and set them free.

One fateful day, their paths would collide,
A battle of strength and wits, a test of pride.
The Undead 2, the attacker in this scene,
Drawing power from a physical sheen.

Jonnyman, the defender with technological flair,
Dealing damage with tech, beyond compare.
Resisting mental and elemental, their forte,
Both fighters formidable, ready to sway.

As the fight begins, tension fills the air,
Undead 2 and Jonnyman, locked in a daring stare.
Jonnyman strikes first, using their tech might,
But the Undead 2 resists, ready to fight.

Blows are exchanged, each landing with power,
The crowd watches on, hour after hour.
Undead 2's life bonus, keeping them strong,
While Jonnyman's stun, tries to prolong.

Undead 2, with a physical aura so bright,
Charging forward, pushing with all their might.
But Jonnyman's cursed aura, sends a shiver,
Both fighters relentless, determined to deliver.

Then, with one final strike, the Undead 2 prevails,
Leaving Jonnyman weakened, as the crowd hails.
Another win for Undead Sols, the victor today,
But both capes knowing, they'll cross paths someday.

For these heroes and villains, legends of lore,
Have fought countless battles, many more in store.
Undead 2, forever the bad guy they'll be,
And Jonnyman, a hero who fights to stay free.

So, the story unfolds, of battles fought and won,
Of two capes, exemplary, their battles never done.
Undead Sols and LFG, forever in the fight,
Writing their legacy, in the heroes' might.